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An international intensive experience through the life
of one of the most beloved Italian artists, Amedeo Modigliani.

Art and Technology from Liverpool to the Royal Palace of Caserta, up to Venice

Modigliani Opera is a multimedia traveling exhibition dedicated to the genius of the great
maudit artist Modì.
Made in collaboration with Space, ETT and the Amedeo
Modigliani Foundation, the exhibition was initially
hosted in Liverpool and in the prestigious Royal

Palace of Caserta

Royal Palace of Caserta 2018

Modigliani Opera

Liverpool 2019

Modigliani Opera

ETT has designed the multi-media installations that design the entire exhibition itinerary. The exhibition offers visitors to deeply interact with the life and works of the painter, thanks to a Virtual Reality room—an holograms room and an arena equipped with a 360 ° video where an engaging docufilm about the artist's world is projected. By ETT the multimedia installations, designed to give all visitors the opportunity to identify with life and learn about the work of the master of Italian art. This is the first time that cutting-edge and intensive technologies have been used to show the work of this important artist, giving a completely new perspective to his work and his life.