Advanced University Training Courses

Guglielmo Marconi University, established and recognized by Miur in 2004, is the first University in the national academic scene to offer its students a model of online teaching for over twenty years, developing projects and organizing cultural dissemination activities. The agreement between Unimarconi and the Amedeo Modigliani Foundation was born from the desire to propose advanced training courses in the field of art and to organize a series of cultural activities to enhance the Italian artistic heritage. Advanced training courses will be created to define new skills in the field of art through an innovative training path.

  • Digital for Art and Culture: digital strategies in the art market
  • Training on the professional figure of the Registrar a professional figure who deals with the management of works and installations of art (ancient, modern or contemporary) and design in the museum and exhibition. In particular, it coordinates all technical and organizational phases and procedures relating to loans and events. It also controls the conservation and safety aspects of the works based on the in-depth knowledge of their material and structural characteristics. He collaborates with the artist, the directors of museums and exhibitions, the conservatories and restorers, the companies that deal with transfers and installations.
  • Marketing and Communication of artistic and cultural institutions and projects
  • Public and private funding policies for cultural projects “Art and culture for the territory: cultural tourism”
  • Regulatory and fiscal settings on the sale of artworks
  • Catalogue and archive of collections of artists and collectors.

"The interest in the history of art and the artistic heritage of our country has never been so alive and present as today. And it is worth considering that it will grow, once the expectations and emergencies related to the pandemic will hopefully be extinguished or subsided. On the other hand, a university, always sensitive to the knowledge and preservation of cultural heritage such as the Marconi, could not be in the forefront again this time in intercepting the requests of young people curious and attentive to the voices of what’s new but, precisely for this, in need of someone to guide them in a changing universe and in perpetual connection. Also and especially in the field of art history, divided but not weakened between traditional places such as the Museum and new media. Offering culture today means, in a real and figurative sense, opening up windows of dialogue. The aristocratic reserve of studies, which still permeated the scholastic and academic systems, is only an old mental habit, which is hopefully being definitively abandoned. Open up, move around, travel, get involved, dare: nothing more and nothing less taught us a master like Modigliani: born in Livorno but French by culture. A collaboration with a foundation of this prestige can only be born under the best auspices. “Today, more than ever, we need to roll up our sleeves and try to work together", explains Roberto Nicolucci, professor of modern art history at Guglielmo Marconi University and Director of the Scientific Technical Committee of the Amedeo Modigliani Foundation .