Scientific Master

The Foundation offers a scientific master's degree aimed at art professionals and graduates in the humanities, based on an innovative scientific protocol.

This method is developed from a database of paintings, reviewing the bibliography of the painting technique used by the artist, together with unpublished scientific information and the chemical-physical study performed on authentic artist’s works.

Based on this knowledge, a model was created to record and cross-reference all the information obtained from the comparison between the authentic works and the results obtained from the attributed study.

Techniques used in modern restoration include UV fluorescence, infrared examination, radiographs and chromo graphic separation techniques. The course is integrated with applied graphology studies and stylistic investigation techniques. The aspects of the art market and investment in that industry are also enhanced, developed in the following modules:

-Digital for Art and Culture: digital strategies in the art market

-Art Dealer training

-Organisation and management of artistic and cultural institutions and projects

-Marketing and Communication of institutions and artistic and cultural projects

-Public and private funding policies for cultural projects "Art and culture for the territory: cultural tourism"

-Legal and fiscal framework on the artwork sale

-Cataloguing and archiving of artists’ and collectors’ collections

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